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Please go to www.gofundme.com/help-boogie to donate today.  Boogie was rescuefrom a shelter in GA by Break the Chain Pit Bull Rescue.  When he went to the vet for his evaluation it was discovered that he was heart worm positive and had been so long that it caused damage to his heart.  His lungs are full of fluid and his liver is enlarged.  Your help is needed.  Please donate today.  Every penny helps.



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  1. Racheal Ablondi
    May 13th, 2013 at 21:43 | #1

    Hi my names Racheal I have a pit who we’ve loved for months I really would love to keep her but she is aggressive with our old mut we rescused and I dont know what to do I refuse to take her to the spca cause they will put her down and she’s such a greta dog she just isnt good woth other animals, she is great with my 2 year old son and 4 year old daughter and sleeps in bed with one of us. I dont want to give her to someone who will fight her or miss treat her, an i dont want her put down. I cant take a chance of her getting ahold of the other dog again and I have developed an emotional attachment to her so it’s so hard to let her go but I thought of you guys and I’ve heard the love stories you care for these dogs and thats what she needs some one whose going to love her not fight her and have time and patience for her. Her name is Ella and she is the prettiest girl in the world to me please help me help her, help me save her!!!1-410-710-9949 or call us at 615-481-5105 ask for racheal or Jennifer my mom thanks

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